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When it comes to learning the game of hockey, there's not one correct starting point. We offer beginner ice-hockey, roller hockey, and street hockey programs! Use the roadmap below to decide where to start, and what your next steps are!

Step 1: Learn-to-Play Programs

These programs are a great first-step for any new hockey player!

We have Learn-to-Play programs for:

- Ice Hockey

- Roller Hockey

- Street Hockey

If you're looking to play on ice, this is the perfect first-step for your young hockey player. This is an introductory Learn-to-Play program for kids ages 5-11.

Interested in roller hockey? This is a great program for first-time players ages 5-13.

For those who who want to learn the game without skates, street hockey is a great first step! If your school is interested in bringing street hockey to their P.E curriculum, contact us about Raise the Pack!

Step 2: Continue-to-Play

After completing one of our Learn-to-Play Programs, check out our Continue-to-Play programs for either ice hockey, roller hockey, or street hockey!

Continue-to-Play programs focus on further developing skills for more intermediate-level players, while also introducing game-play. 

Our Howlers cross-ice league gives your young player their first introduction to game play! This is the perfect next step after Little Howlers.

Our 2nd Stride Roller program is a Continue-to-Play program for those who have participated in First Stride. The perfect place to progress as a player and fine-tune those skills!

If you're ready to take your street hockey skills to the next level, our Street Hockey Leagues provide 10 weeks of competitive games for kids ages 7-13. 

Step 3: Join a Local Rink/League!

After the completion of Coyotes Hockey Development programs, it's time to reach out to your local rink to continue your hockey journey! Various rinks around the Valley offer programs and house leagues.