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Raise the Pack PE Curriculum

Raise the Pack PE Curriculum

In an effort to grow hockey to exponential levels, the Arizona Coyotes, in partnership with the NHL and the NHLPA, have developed a street hockey curriculum and will donate equipment to schools within your district!

The Coyotes Hockey Development Team will come and train your districts' PE Teachers so they are more familiar with the drills within the curriculum as well as deliver all of the equipment and teacher packages. The Hockey Development team will continue to follow up and assist as much as needed once the program is implemented at your school!

Each school gets up to 50 sticks, balls and pinnies, plus 2 nets and gifts for students and teachers. The curriculum is designed for grades K-8, with an intended focus on grades 3-6.

During this curriculum, students will learn how to play street hockey within two weeks, with each day focusing on a different skill set through basic drills and fun games! The lesson plan is finished with 1-2 day game focused classes, where the kids put their newly developed skills to the test!

If you have any questions or are interested in bringing the Coyotes "Raise the Pack" PE Curriculum to your school, please fill out the form below!