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Coyotes Youth Hockey Hub Network

All H.E.R.S Gear Exchange Program

All Hockey Equipment Replacement System

The Arizona Coyotes are proud to offer the "All Hockey Equipment Replacement System” for Small Frys players.

The “All H.E.R.S” initiative allows for Small Fry Participants who complete all three Strides to trade in each piece of their out-grown gear for BRAND NEW equipment one time during the Small Frys program.

No more hand-me-downs! No more used equipment! Gear that your daughter can call All Hers!

Gear will be provided on an as needed basis and please note that this is an exchange program. All gear you trade in will be used at Try Hockey for Free clinics and hockey clinics for special needs players. 

If you have questions, please email

*Players who did not complete Little Howlers prior to Small Frys and do NOT have their own gear will receive a full set equipment at the start of the program and will have the opportunity to participate in ALL H.E.R.S. as well"