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Sled Hockey

Put your disAbility on ICE and expand your horizons this Year!

Sled hockey follows typical ice hockey rules and is played virtually the same way. Players sit in sleds that are on top of two skate blades and are given two sticks with metal picks on the ends in order to move around the ice. Sled hockey provides opportunities for everyone with mental and physical disabilities to play hockey!

The Arizona Coyotes Sled Hockey Association are a passionate group of hockey fans who want to continue to play the sport despite the limitations they have. 

How to Sign Up?

The Coyotes Sled Hockey Team, through a combined effort with our Sponsors are inviting you to a FREE opportunity to play Ice Sled Hockey. With our adaptive sleds & sticks you will fly across the ice. We will provide the equipment and instruction on how to skate! If interested please email Joshua Gromer (email found below). 

Please plan to show up 45 minutes prior to the Ice Time for equipment fitting.

Coyotes Sled Hockey Page

For more information about Sled Hockey, please visit there website above

The Arizona Coyotes are dedicated to growing the sport of Sled Hockey and supporting the NHL's Hockey is For Everyone initiative. 

Joshua Gromer

Sled Hockey Board of Directors

Tyler Millar

DEI Coordinator