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Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is a variation of hockey that is played using inline skates (rollerblades). It can be played outdoors on a smooth surface or indoors on sport court. The rules are similar to ice hockey, but do have some distinct differences. These differences include: no hitting, no offsides, no icing, and roller hockey is played four on four instead of five on five. 



The equipment used when playing roller hockey is slightly different from ice hockey as well. Elbow pads, shin guards, gloves, and helmets used in ice hockey stay the same. However aside from the different skates, roller hockey players wear long pants to cover their shin pads and under garments. Due to the fact that roller hockey does not allow hitting, there is no requirement for shoulder pads or breezers (ice hockey pants).

Benefits of Roller Hockey

  • Develops stick handling skills
  • Teaches patience and puck possession
  • Instills creativity
  • Gives players a different variation of hockey to have fun with
  • Can act as an offseason training tool
  • More affordable introduction to hockey